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Useful information

Form of state: republic
President: AdamaBarrow
Independence: 18.05.1969. (From United Kingdom)
Area: 10 380 km²
Population: 1,849,285 people (2013)
Ethnic composition: 39.5% mandible, 18.8% fulbe, 14.6% wolof, 10.6% diol, 8.9% serahuli, 2.8% serer, 1.8% acid, 0.8% manjago , 0.7% bambara, 1.5% other.
Official language: English
Religion: 90% Sunni Muslim, 9% Roman Catholic, 1% Tribal Religion
Capital: Banjul
Currency: Gambia Dalasi (GMD): 1 GMD = ~ 20 HUF
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): USD 473.19 (2016)


Gambia (The Gambia), full name Republic of the Gambia, is the smallest and almost flat state of continental Africa. The tiny, poor country in West Africa is surrounded by Senegal along the Gambia River. The country has a length of 350 km, its average width is 35 km. On both banks of the Gambia river, on average, 15 km wide.



Due to the country's scarce natural resources and geographic features, neither the manufacturing industry nor the agricultural sector can rely on domestic raw materials. In addition to the small craft industry, fishing and peanut production are a major industry sector, but the amount of tourism destined for tourism is slow to produce the expected results. As a result of the government's law on land privatization, the number of people living in peanut crops was slightly extended, preventing the emergence of monopolies, but this slightly lowered production. Because of the high unemployment rate, the Gambia needs continuous international aid, and the political leadership is corrupt.


The country's climate is tropical, between June and November it is warmer and wetter, sometimes cooler and dry weather. In terms of its geographic points, the lowest is the 0 m sea level and its highest point is 53 meters.


Tourism was first introduced in Gambia in 1965 when a group of 300 organized Swedish tourists arrived in the country. For 10 years it has attracted 25,000 visitors annually to a small country in Senegal. Tourism is currently a developing sector, but the infrastructure required is very slow.

Featured hiking destinations

- KuntaKinteh Island (James Island)

- Rockers of Senegambia

- Banjul

- Serrekunda market

- Fishing villages

- Bijilo park