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HTCC Florida

The International Chamber of Commerce of Florida (FICOC)

FICOC was founded by Peter Harris for twenty years, founded in 1997, who is still managing director of the Chamber. The organization has been holding international seminars in Florida and abroad since 2001, helping foreign entrepreneurs to enter the Florida and US markets, set up new businesses, and immigration issues and related administration.

Since its inception, the organization has been promoting the flow of some 750 million US dollars of capital to Florida, which today boasts very serious professional references. FICOC has a strategic partnership with more than 150 Florida tourism and economy developers and commercial organizations, most notably Enterprise Florida, Visit Florida, and EDC Sarasota County.

Sarasota, Florida

Florida is perhaps the most important gateway to the economic life of the United States, as ships are mostly coming from Europe. Your interest in HTCC partners will certainly be aroused by the fact that Florida is the fourth most favorable tax environment for the "Best State for Business", and second, for subsidies to businesses.

In Florida, 19 commercial service airports are operated and its 4,800-kilometer long rail network and over 20,000 kilometers of highways boast outstanding infrastructure. Its zero percentage income tax provides a great opportunity for business management.

The headquarters of the organization are located in Sarasota, located on the coast of the Central Florida West: this is in many ways a lucky choice of locations. Sarasota Beach has won the "United States of America's Most Beautiful Beach" for many years, making it a popular tourist destination, but the business life's cream is here too. Thanks to these, Sarasota is a dynamically growing city, with demographic forecasts doubling the number of people within 5 years thanks to the development of a continuous economy.