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One of the pivotal pillars of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) strategy is to cultivate cultural and educational activities with partner countries and to bring the Hungarian culture and knowledge base to different parts of the world. The organization strives not only to communicate one-way to individual countries but to support projects that are based on mutual knowledge of each other.

HTCC's mission is to build relationships in the language of the arts. To achieve this, the first Moroccan art camp was created in July 2015, where talented Hungarian artists participated. For the creators, the African landscape was a new inspiration, with new streams coming to Morocco, with fresh views of new Moroccan-Hungarian relations. The HTCC also took a big part in the fact that after 2009 Hungarian riders again took part in Salon du Chevelen, one of the world's most prestigious horse show, El Jadida.

The Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center at the Chinese office in Ningbo could be the collection of the Zemplén Museum with 500 Chinese postcards. The XII. During a medical mission in Malawi Hungarian Days were held by the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center.

In line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), HTCC considers it essential that Africa should "ensure comprehensive and fair quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone". In this spirit, it does not only coordinate between student and teacher exchange programs between Hungary and the African countries, but also develops concrete programs and "missions" to implement them, in cooperation with the Hungarian Society of Women. The "Hungarian Schools across Africa" program, which was launched in the year 2015, also aims at achieving "all-encompassing basic education", laid down in the MDGs.

HTCC is providing services to entrepreneurs looking for opportunities on a global scale. We help our partners to become familiar with and be prepared for unique circumstances of unknown markets, mostly in Africa and Asia.

Our first office opened its doors in Morocco, 2013. Since then further centers have started their operation in Botswana, China, Ghana, Malawi, Thailand, and Uganda. With the opening of our Dubai office, we have a vital presence in the Persian Gulf since 2015. Based on our successes at the beginning, we opened further offices in Thailand, Mongolia, USA, Spain, Belgium, Iraq, Lybia, South-Africa, and Ethiopia by the end of 2018. After a huge expansion, our management has been decided to re-organize the network within the HTCC brand. Therefore we launched a franchise program in 2018, since then we proudly announced 3 new franchise offices in Senegal, Gabon and Central-African Republic.

Combining our expertise in international business with an extensive network, we can help surmount obstacles and connect businesses with their local partners. HTCC possesses solid connections in unfamiliar economic environments and business cultures. We build long-term relations for our partners; provide valuable first-hand information reducing therefore considerable risks. With our one-stop-shop services, capitalizing the growth potential of emerging markets becomes much easier, while our offices provide all necessary facilities for your local business operations, no matter where they are.

HTCC Centre in Budapest – Staff


Balázs Szilágyi
Balázs Szilágyi
Business Development Director

I graduated from Kodolányi János University. I was lucky enough to travel a lot, therefore I met foreign cultures already from a young age. The time I have spent in multi-cultural atmospheres has influenced my future career choice, thus foreign trade became the focus of my interest. I started to work as an Export Manager for an IT company for African and Asian territories. Over time, I have discovered more and more opportunities worldwide. That is why I decided to extend my activity towards promising sectors, so that we can cover new, developing markets. Being a business development director at the HTCC, I have achieved this goal. Now, my aim is to open new doors for our partners.
If you have ambitions with foreign trade, please do not hesitate to contact me!